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Updated Mar. 27. 2023

Peacemakers Finland’s online meditations:
Wednesday mornings from 8:00 am to 8:40 am (Finnish time UTC +2)
Thursday afternoons from 5:00 pm to 5:40 pm (Finnish time UTC +2)

Corresponding international times on Wednesdays:
London, UK 6:00 am
Central Europe 7:00 am
Helsinki, FIN 8:00 am
Adelaide, Australia 3:30 pm
Sydney, Australia 4:00 pm

Corresponding international times on Thursdays:
Los Angeles, USA 7:00 am
New York, USA 10:00 am
London, UK 3:00 pm
Central Europe 4:00 pm
Helsinki, FIN 5:00 pm

First-timers can choose to be instructed before the meeting, but please email if you would like to take part in the instructions!

Join the meeting at

Meeting ID: 65491406934

It is possible to make a voluntary donation to the organizers of meditation:

1) On MobilePay: Mikko Ijäs 0509122944
2) By bank transfer: FI7139390014206536
3) PayPal:

Peacemakers Finland connects ancient contemplative teachings and practices with social action, nature and the Earth. Our intention is to support activist from various fields of action with contemplative practices, which can serve activists to deal with their tremendous tasks. We engage with practices to help us develop clarity, compassion, and courage, which are all needed to face our personal past, social challenges and humanity’s greatest challenge ever — the ecological crisis. Both individual and collective transformation are needed: meditation overcomes the delusion of separation that is at the root of individual and societal suffering.